Describes the process of cutting the superfluous shoots (green branches that a vine grows every year) and giving the vine a direction for the future harvest.

Pruning takes mainly place from December to March during its vegetative rest. The earlier the pruning starts, the more the plant is stimulated to bud early, which can be dangerous in case of frost and threaten the future harvest.

The purpose of pruning is:

-         To control the development of the vine which, we recall, is a liana.
-         To define the number of eyes per shoot and therefore the potential yield of the future harvest.
-         To limit the number of buds in relation to the vine’s characteristics, ensuring a suitable vigor and a long life of the vine.

There are different types of pruning, used according to the needs and to the type of the vine, as Guyot, Cordon de Royat, Gobelet, Lyre, Pergola. All of them will have different characteristics and will be adapted to different terroirs (according to the sunshine, humidity, type of soil...) and the desired grape yield!
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