Domaine Potterat Epesses

Domaine Potterat: Epesses
Grape: Chasselas
Village: Cully
AOC: Lavaux
Vintage: 2019

The grape variety Chasselas - the flagship of Swiss white wines!

This one comes from Epesses, a vineyard surrounding the charming village of the same name. Thanks to the advantageous location and exposure, the appellation generally produces white wines that are expressive and naturally generous. The Epesses from the Potterat family from Cully, canton of Vaud, are just like that. They show a skillful combination of fresh lightness and aromatic complexity.

The year 2019 made it possible to produce perfectly ripe grapes in the Lavaux. They result in wines full of concentration and seductive aromas. This Epesses has additionally retained a nice acidity which makes the wine shine thanks to its balance.

For all who like Chasselas d'Epesses wines: You will not be disappointed with this wine. It is round and well-structured, as you will expect from the appellation and this hot vintage. The fruit is rich and brilliant, showing softness and finesse on the palate.

For all who do not like Chasselas d'Epesses wines: Too much concentration in the Epesses wines for you? You can never have too many good things if the result is harmonious and well-balanced. The acidity, the aromatic concentration and the sensual texture make you easily re-fill the glass when tasting.

When to drink: Right away and straightforward. Thanks to its balance, it has an interesting ageing potential to grow into a fantastic wine. Put a few bottles into in the cellar, give it ten years and discover their metamorphosis!

Food pairing: This Epesses from Potterat goes well with a plate of hard cheese and cold cuts. It is ideally suited for a freshwater fish, à la meunière or grilled, topped with a herb or fine cream sauce.

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