Cave Morel

Villages: Chardonne, St. Saphorin, Yvorne, Ollon
AOC: Lavaux, Chablais
Producteur: Delphine Morel

Domaine Morel has been established in Chardonne since the 19th century and the first bottling was carried out in 1962! Before that, all the grapes were sold to the local cooperative. Today, Delphine, supported by her parents, Jean-François and Isabelle, who have recently retired, leads the business and represents the 4th generation of the Morel family. Delphine is a graduate of the Changins School of Engineering with the oenological experience outside of Switzerland, notably in South Africa where she worked at the country's King of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, the Hamilton Russel Vineyards in the Walker Bay area.

"First of all, wine is made in the vineyard! "This has always been the motto of the Morels. They cultivate their vines in integrated production, which means that they treat them with synthetic products only in case of an extreme need. The estate is certified by VitiSwiss, a national label that promotes the development of sustainable viticulture. Delphine is open to experiment and in this spirit, wishes to produce a different wine every year! The 2018 vintage, for example, allowed to produce a late-harvested Chenin Blanc thanks to a mild weather in autumn.

6.5 hectares of vines on four production sites: two in Lavaux, between St-Saphorin and Chardonne, and the other two in Chablais, between Yvorne and Ollon. The Morel family produces 50'000 bottles per year. Their Chasselas Chantey de Chardonne is one of the top references regularly winning prizes in national competitions. The estate has 12 references including 3 Chasselas, 1 dry Chenin Blanc, 1 sweet Chenin Blanc, 1 Pinot Gris, 1 Pinot Noir Rosé, 3 reds of which the Pinot Noir grape variety is dominant, and finally 1 Gamaret and 1 Galotta which benefit from ageing in barrels before bottling.
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