Cave de l'Orlaya Païen de Fully

Cave de l'Orlaya : Païen de Fully
Grape: Païen/Heida
Village: Fully
AOC: Valais
Vintage: 2019

A truly beautiful winery in Fully, in the Lower Valais, renamed to Orlaya since Mathilde Roux took over in 2016.

A mountainous region, the vineyard of Fully offers vertiginous slopes and different altitudes. These two elements allow grapes to concentrate in the sun while, at the same time, maintaining freshness and tension. This is particularly evident with this Païen, whose pure fruit and brilliant freshness make it balanced, digestible, and refined.

For all who like Païen wines from the Valais: If you like typical characteristics of this grape variety, you will not be disappointed. Orlaya’s Païen is a marvelous combination of mineral tension and bright fruit. It offers excellent drinkability, which simply means you’ll be happy to enjoy a second glass of it.

For all who do not like Païen wines from the Valais: If you like freshness and balance in a wine, you will appreciate this Païen. To be preferred with a meal.

When to drink: To fully enjoy its freshness and fruit, drink within 3 years. Keep it longer, and you will discover a different profile. Bottle aging will make it more concentrated and complex, developing flavors like honey and dried fruit.

Food pairing: Choose fine and delicate dishes that do not overpower the wine. Ideal with white fish, such as sea bass with a citrus sauce. It is an equally good companion for sushi and tuna and salmon tartars.
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