Maurice Neyroud Vins Réserve des Ménétriers

Maurice Neyroud Vins: Païen
Grape: Chasselas
Village: Chardonne
AOC: Lavaux
Vintage: 2019

The Chardonne vineyard offers wines typical of the Lavaux region. The complexity and generosity impress immediately ensuring balance and freshness of the wines.

The delicious Réserve des Ménétriers is no exception to this rule. Maurice Neyroud offers an excellent Chasselas full of bright fruit nuances.

For all who like Chasselas wines from the Lavaux: This wine offers the structure and depth one would expect from a white of the appellation. Its ripe fruit and beautifully structured acidity offer a wonderful combo that appeals to any Chasselas lover!

For all who do not like Chasselas wines from the Lavaux: Too heavy for you? Not to worry. This Chardonne offers fruit in abundance and freshness. We are here at the exact antipodes of austere and bitter Chasselas wines. Give it a try and decide for yourself!

When to drink: The fruit is so good that you want to drink it right away! But its concentration, freshness and its alcohol level of nearly 13 % are the perfect tools to let the wine benefit from aging in the cellar.

Food pairing: A chameleon wine that will go well with improvised aperitifs and more sophisticated meals. All fish prepared à la meunière, from sole to perch fillets, find their perfect companion in the Réserve des Ménétriers.
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