PHUSIS Vins metaPHUSIS La Roche Fleurie

PHUSIS Vins : metaPHUSIS La Roche Fleurie
Grape: Syrah, Cabernet Franc, Mondeuse, Diolinoir, Merlot, Gamay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Zweigelt, and more
Village: La Sarraz
AOC: Vin Mousseux de Pays Romand
Vintage: 2018

PHUSIS is an ambitious project of winemaker Steve Bettschen from La Sarraz (Vaud) and philosopher Dr. Michel Herren. All PHUSIS wines are authentic and artisanal. metaPHUSIS trading range offers beautiful vintages made from grapes from winegrowers who share the same respect for life and nature.

Among this range of artisanal and exceptional wines, only 620 bottles of La Roche Fleurie 2018 were filled. This wine is as excellent as it is confusing, coming from complantation vines. That is to say, the multitude of the grape varieties mentioned above is planted “mixed” on the same vine!

Undoubtedly, a wine with character! Gentle tannins structure mixed notes of red and black fruit, from fresh to candied. On the palate, the know-how of the winemaker is evident, implementing this “complicated” blend in a balanced and harmonious way, shown by the purity of the fruit.

For all who like wines from the Swiss Romandie: But what would a Romand red wine tell me? We are talking about La Neuveville on the shores of Lake Biel. We find the quality of Pinot Noirs from Neuchâtel with more substance and tannins. Taste this varietal complantation so difficult to describe to make your own judgment.

For all who do not like wines from the Swiss Romandie: Do you find these red wines a bit light and rather tense with their acidity? This wine is certainly fresh but offers a magnificent concentration of fruit. Again, the advice: taste this wine, because here we are on something unique for the French-speaking part of Switzerland!

When to drink: A wine for pleasure, perfectly mature now. However, it can easily be kept in the cellar for the next 5 to 8 years. But why wait?!

Food pairing:  With its airs almost Rhone-style (wines from the Rhône valley), it goes well with a slice of tasty meat, such as a leg of lamb, or even a slow-cooked beef rib.
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