Château d’Auvernier Les Argiles Auvernier

Château d'Auvernier: Les Argiles Auvernier, Sélections Parcellaire
Grape: Pinot Noir
Village: Auvernier
AOC: Neuchâtel
Vintage: 2016

Château d´Auvernier is an institution in the wine region of Neuchâtel. This estate dates back to 1559 and can boast 400 years of family history. Until today, it is owned by the Grosjean family. Château d'Auvernier is known for a long Pinot Noir tradition, for unfiltered Chasselas and even for Oeil-de-Perdrix. The Grosjean family produces single vineyard Pinot Noirs with "Les Argiles" being one of them. Each vineyard is cultivated and treated individually. The grapes of a specific vineyard are kept separately in the cellar, allowing to specifically reveal the identity of the final wine.

The yield per square meter is kept low and great attention is paid to the selected grapes in the vineyard and in the cellar. This results in a wine with an elegant, complex, and dense expression of a Pinot Noir from Neuchâtel. We are talking about a serious wine that will not shy away on a table next to Burgundian Pinot Noirs of high quality!

For all who like Pinot Noir wines (from the French-speaking part of Switzerland): Attention, here is one of a high level! Les Argiles Auvernier contains all the aromatic features of a Pinot Noir, such as cherries, fragrant flowers, strawberries and the limy-clayey note typical of its terroir. Every "Pinot aficionado" should keep this Pinot Noir in their cellar!

For all who do not like Pinot Noir wines (from the French-speaking part of Switzerland): Do you like fruit, complexity and structure? Les Argiles Auvernier will give you all of this - and more. If you have been disappointed with some too light Pinot Noirs from the French- speaking region, the Château d'Auvernier Les Argiles Auvernier offers you the opportunity to drink a wine that will convince you with its complexity and harmony.

When to drink: Although it is already delicious, it will continue to evolve when stored in a bottle. The intensity of the fruit together with finely structured tannins and vivid acidity form a good basis for this. A rediscovery in 3 to 5 years seems right!

Food pairing: Les Argiles Auvernier is a typical gastronomy wine. It's a perfect match with a delicate chicken dish with cream and mushrooms and with various grilled meats. Do not hesitate to serve it a little cool in summer, around 15 degrees, to appreciate its fruit and freshness.
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