Le Gris Gris de Fifi

Domaine Julien Guillon: Le Gris Gris de Fifi
Grape: Pinot Gris
Village: Ayent
AOC: Valais
Vintage: 2019

Pinot Gris is a European grape variety ranging from a «small» light, sweety and inexpensive Pinot Grigio from Veneto to a noble Pinot Gris from the French Alsace which makes a great wine with extraordinary aromas and long aging potential. This grape variety can also be found in other, less «classical» regions, including the Swiss Canton of Valais where it is cultivated by a young and ambitions winemaker Julien Guillon. He produces wines without adding sulfites, wines that we label as natural.

For all who like natural wines: Le Gris Gris de Fifi is an excellent example. This Pinot Gris is fermented as a whole, in other words, the entire grape is placed in the fermentation tanks. Thus, the grape skins remain in contact with the juice which leads to a deep red-tile color. This is a wine that is easy to drink, it offers a very pure fruit and proudly exhibits the colors of the Pinot Gris grape variety: nice freshness with aromas of red apples and finely candied pears. Lots of pleasure!

For all who do not like natural wines: Don't be intimidated by the notion of "natural wine". Like all wines, there are good and bad examples. When the winemaker is experienced and knows how to outwit the tricks nature has in store for him, a natural wine can show great aromatic purity and invigorating energy. This is the exactly the case with this wine by Domaine Guillon.

When to drink: We advise you to open it about fifteen minutes before tasting to let it oxygenate. It is a wine that is made to enjoy its fruit side, so plan to drink young!

Food pairing: Any occasion: as an aperitif or with a foie gras terrine served with a fig compote. Also try it with spicy exotic dishes, such as Mexican and Thai, or sweety Chinese dishes.
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