Domaine Angelrath Larmes de Cabernet Jura

Domaine Angelrath: Larmes de Cabernet Jura
Grape: Cabernet Jura
Village: Le Landeron
AOC: Vin de Pays Suisse l
Vintage: 2017

The Cabernet Jura grape is a cross between Cabernet Sauvignon and a parent still without a name. Like Gamaret, Garanoir, Diolinoir or Mara, it belongs to the group of crossed grape varieties that are grown in Switzerland.

The grape presents itself in a dense purple color and results in full-bodied, round and rich wines. The fruit is generally ripe and intense, offering black and red fruits and hints of floral and musky notes in the background.

For all who like crossbred wines from Switzerland: Taste this Cabernet Jura, a Swiss specialty that shows potential. Its fruit is ripe and opulent and its tannins melted. A beautiful discovery made in Switzerland that is a pleasure to share with friends.

For all who do not like crossbred wines from Switzerland: You should definitely try this Cabernet Jura. It offers a beautiful, silky texture and a grape maturity that is not always present in other examples. Do you like round, aromatic and intense red wines? Then this wine is certainly for you.

When to drink: Ideal for drinking today with a beautiful fruit and already melted tannins. Or store up to 5 years.

Food pairing: Les Larmes de Cabernet Jura just calls for a barbeque! The wine is perfect with a red meat from the grill or the oven. A nice rib of beef, or a well marbled rib eye steak bring the wine to life in the glass.
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