Domaine La Montardière Mont-sur-Rolle

Domaine La Montardière : Mont-sur-Rolle
Grape: Chasselas
Village: Tartegnin
AOC: La Côte
Vintage: 2019

Like the Chardonnay grape, Chasselas acts chameleon-like, drawing its versatile aromas from the respective place of origin.

This one comes from Mont-sur-Rolle, a village in the La Côte appellation in the canton of Vaud, known for the elegance and delicacy of its white wines. Most of the wines from here are not opulent, but their pronounced acidity structures the wine in its long finish.

The year 2019 allowed harvesting perfectly ripened grapes in most of the Swiss vineyards. While retaining its freshness and precision, this vintage shows more aromas and flavors of ripe fruit than usual.

For all who like Chasselas wines from La Côte: Here you are with the delicacy and balance that characterize this appellation. Mont-sur-Rolle offers pleasing wines with character and nobility that appeal to the majority of palates.

For all who do not like Chasselas wines from La Côte: Disappointed in the past? You may not have tasted Mont-sur-Rolle wines yet, which are all well vinified as is the case with this one. It is perfectly balanced and extremely precisely produced. Taste … and judge for yourself!

When to drink: In order to preserve this thirst-quenching freshness, the ideal drinking time is over the next 5 years. The more adventurous will probably age a few bottles to follow its evolution over time.

Food pairing: Wonderful as an aperitif, it also goes perfectly with seafood, especially dishes with scallops, or a plate of sushi.
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