Les Fils de René Favre Grand Année St.-Pierre

Les Fils de René Favre : Grande Année St.-Pierre
Grape: Petite Arvine
Village: Chamoson
AOC: Valais
Vintage: 2016

John and Mike Favre are the third generation of Les Fils de René Favre SA. Their vineyard is located exclusively in Chamoson, in the heart of the Valais! Favoring noble Valais grape varieties such as Pinot Noir and Petite Arvine, they today enjoy an excellent reputation throughout the region.

Here we are presented with a surprising Petite Arvine. The nose shows good depth with notes of rye bread, suggesting aging on lees as done with champagne often showing brioche aromas. In the moth, the fine texture seems at odds with the concentration and weight of the wine. However, everything is well balanced from the attack to the finish. The wine shows medium acidity, an almost phenolic texture - a texture like the skin of a grape - and warm alcohol.

This is clearly a Petite Arvine of gastronomy, reminiscent of the great class of certain Burgundian Chardonnays!

For all who like Petite Arvine from Valais: It is fresh, it is balanced, it is the make of wine we love. She will appeal to any varietal enthusiast who is not afraid of a somewhat high alcohol content in white wines.

For all who do not like Chasselas wines from the Lavaux: A true fine drop with depth, phenolic texture and aromatic complexity. In a class of its own: the proof is in the pudding!

When to drink: To be preferred in its youth, although it seems this wine can offer beautiful expressions in its developments. Put a few bottles in the cellar to experiment.

Food pairing: Perfect with fish in sauce and seafood, such as scallops or langoustines. The perfect companion for end-of-year meals.
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