This white grape variety has been cultivated in Valais since the 19th century. It originates in the north of the Rhone Valley in France, where it produces wonders in the prestigious Hermitage appellation, from which the grape varietal takes its name. In Valais, it is also known as "Ermitage".

It belongs to the group of late grape varieties and allows a high yield. In Valais, it is grown on the warmest plots, to fully develop its palette of aromas, including honeysuckle and almond, as well as its supple texture.

Weather permitting, some winemakers will produce late harvests from Marsanne to get notes of raspberry brandy, honey and even truffle. With medium acidity, relatively high alcohol and good structure, the grape Marsanne produces wines rich in texture. In the Rhone Valley, it is often produced together with the Roussanne grape variety, which contributes freshness and fruitiness to the blend. Thanks to the climate in Valais, the Marsanne can stand well on its own, bringing enough freshness to offer balanced wines marked by their terroir.

When to drink: Now or later - just as you wish! The structure and high alcohol make this grape variety an excellent candidate for aging. Top products will develop earthy, caramel, candied fruit and mushroom notes!

Food pairing: As a dry Marsanne, it is an excellent accompaniment to morel dishes, fish steaks as salmon or hard cheeses. As a sweet wine, it is perfect with pan-fried foie gras or a dessert such as cheesecake,  combining delicacy and freshness.
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