Petite Arvine

This aromatic white grape variety is grown on 218 hectares and is one of the prides of the Valais wine region. This canton boasts the largest number of autochthonous - in other words, local - grape varieties in Switzerland. However, this grape is shared with the Aosta Valley in Italy, where mainly dry wines are produced from this grape variety.

The grapes contain small berries in green-yellow hues. It is one of the late grape varieties, difficult to bring to harvest. Its young plants are particularly sensitive to wind and its foliage is fragile. The plots where Petite Arvine is cultivated are therefore carefully selected for an advantageous exposure to the sun and for their protection from strong winds rushing into the valley like the Föhn.

Vinified as a dry, mellow or withered wine on the vine, this white grape variety offers an elegance and a personality of flavors that is second to none. As a dry wine, it will offer a beautiful freshness and characteristic aromas of wisteria and grapefruit. The mellow version shows notes of rhubarb jam. The withered version of this grape variety offers intense exotic fruits in their diversity. All variants of this exceptional grape variety have one thing in common: a salty finish that provides the wines with balance, complexity and digestibility.

For all who like the Petite Arvine grape: Easy to understand. Continue to discover the many facets of this grape variety along the Valais with its terroirs.

For all who do not like the Petite Arvine grape: Give it another chance! If you are looking for
tension and freshness, head to the region. If it's aromatic delicacy you're after, head up the Valais to Sierre where a wide range of wonderful, expressive wines awaits you.
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