PHUSIS Vins metaPHUSIS Brut Nature sur Eboulis

PHUSIS Vins : metaPHUSIS Brut Nature sur Eboulis
Grape: Petite Arvine
Village: La Sarraz
AOC: Vin Mousseux de Pays Romand
Vintage: 2016

PHUSIS is an ambitious project of winemaker Steve Bettschen from La Sarraz (Vaud) and philosopher Dr. Michel Herren. All PHUSIS wines are authentic and artisanal. metaPHUSIS trading range offers beautiful vintages made from grapes from winegrowers who share the same respect for life and nature.

Brut Nature is a sparkling wine following the traditional Champagne method. The bubbles are light, creamy and delicate. The complex range of aromas includes notes of citrus fruit, from lemon to blood orange, and a fine note of yeast. It is easy to think that the glass in front of you is a glass of excellent quality champagne!

For all who like Swiss sparkling wines: Here you have a rather beautiful example. The Petite Arvine grape variety is fresh and elegant. With an aromatic palette of citrus fruit, red fruit (redcurrant), white flowers and stone, it is reminiscent of the classic champagnes made from Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier grapes.

For all who do not like Swiss sparkling wines: Perhaps you prefer Champagne? This sparkling wine offers finesse, balance, bubble texture, and minerality that rarely come together in a way that is hardly found outside the famous French region. Taste this nectar and judge for yourself!

When to drink: The METAPHUSIS Brut Nature sur Eboulis is superb now but can also be kept in the cellar for the next 10+ years without any problem thanks to its beautiful acidity and aromatic intensity.

Food pairing: Matches perfectly delicate seafood such as oysters, scampi, or even smoked salmon. A sparkling wine for the holidays - but not only!
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