Cave Clément Gay Païen

Cave Clément Gay: Païen
Grape: Païen
Village: Charrat
AOC: Valais
Vintage: 2019

This grape variety is today the pride of Valais: in the French-speaking part it is known as Païen, in the German-speaking part as Heida. In reality, it is in fact Savagnin Blanc, a grape variety originating from the French Jura.

Tasty and fruity, this Païen will not leave you indifferent. With an alcohol content of 14.5 %, it is a perfect example of ripe white wines of the 2019 vintage. Alcohol structures the wine in its width and brings out its aromas and flavors to the full.

For all who like Païen wines from Valais: Here you have a worthy representative, impressing with its character and richness. You will find all the aromatic characteristics of this grape variety with strength and intensity !

For all who do not like Païen wines from Valais: Does the lively natural acidity of the Païen bother you? Do not worry, 2019 has produced bombs of fruit and the acidity of the wine is soft and perfectly integrated into its body.

When to drink: A wine of pleasure which fruitiness is to be celebrated! Don’t wait too long and enjoy it with zest in the next 5 years.

Food pairing: A wine dedicated to the table! The Clément Gay Païen is broad
enough to accompany all kinds of hot starters, fish in sauce and powerful Asian dishes such as Peking duck or a Korean Bibimbap. 
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