Le Chasselas
also called Fendant in Valais, also called Gütedel in the German part of Switzerland and Germany

An indigenous grape from the Geneva Lake region as confirmed by the Swiss ampelologist José Vouillamoz.

This is the most cultivated grape variety in Switzerland, way ahead of Pinot Noir and Gamay.

Being a neutral grape, just like Chardonnay, Chasselas draws its aromatic components from terroirs where it is cultivated, sharing some narrow range of aromas such as white flowers (linden), mountain flowers (RICOLAAAAA...!), yellow fruits, and some slightly spicy herbs such as chervil.

A priori an aperitif wine, the best wines of this grape have proved their excellent aging potential. The top Chasselas in selected vintages will maintain their freshness and develop aromas of honey, candied fruit, spices and so on!

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You are not a fan of Swiss Chasselas?  Give it another chance… and keep tasting it until you find the right Chasselas for you. Chasselas is perhaps one of the most subtle and complicated grape varieties for an explorer to discover. But the more you drink it, more you begin to understand and appreciate it for its delicacy and its unique easy-drinking character. In short, keep trying it and you will finally enjoy it!

And as our best sommelier from St-Saphorin and Swiss-Ivorian Jérome Aké Beda would say: "In Chasselas We Must Trust! »

So cheers and keep the faith!
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